Chiptronics Inc. stocks a complete inventory of Capacitors, Inductors, Resistors, Potentiometers, Relays, Switches, EMI/RFI Suppression Materials, Transformers, Crystals, Oscillators, Audio Products, LEDs and Transducers from the industry's most respected manufacturers. We carry the largest inventory of Johanson Technology High Frequency Ceramic Solutions, API Delevan Inductors, EMI/RFI Suppression Materials, and Military products, Cal-Chip Standard SMT Capacitors & Resistors, Susumu Thin Film Precision SMT Resistors and Johanson Dielectric SMT & High Voltage MLC Capacitors and SMT Inductors.

Our professionally trained team of knowledgeable sales people is dedicated to meeting your needs quickly and efficiently. Let us be your choice when you are looking for a distribution professional to handle your procurement needs.


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